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Why I Want to be Mayor

Dear Friends,

I am running for the position of mayor in the City of South Amboy for several important reasons and believe that you should strongly consider voting for me. I want to work with as many people as possible to move South Amboy forward. 

For too long our city has failed to grow economically. As a result, South Amboy remains locked in a deep sleep— only dreaming of what it could become, which is one of the state's top municipalities. South Amboy can be improved, but we need tangible solutions for proper redevelopment that will benefit every resident and visitor. 

Taxes are too high for what our citizens receive in return. I want to provide residents with a transparent picture that shows where their hard-earned tax dollars are spent, and where their taxes should be going. Property taxes need to be held in check.

Another concern of mine is the opioid/heroin drug epidemic that is sweeping throughout communities across the country, NJ and Middlesex County. South Amboy is no exception. Three years ago I ran to become county sheriff where I began speaking about this drug problem. I spoke with parents, former and existing addicts, health professionals, educators, counselors, and those in law enforcement. Many said that they felt not enough help was available. Unfortunately, many still feel this way.

Please feel free to reach out to me to share any and all concerns you have about South Amboy’s present and future. I can be reached at peterfornj@gmail.com or visit me on Facebook at Peter Pisar for South Amboy Mayor


Main Platform Ideas


South Amboy has unlimited potential to be a thriving community, which includes opportunities for new and existing businesses.  

  • If elected, my team would look to attract new businesses, while helping to support the existing ones, by creating a strong core economic business development organization that will be based on not only input from business leaders but from members of the public as well. 
  • In addition, we would encourage the permanent development of business improvement zones through initiatives that will empower small businesses, mid-sized companies and other stakeholders who are seeking renewed opportunities for prosperity. Bringing business leaders and citizens together as part of an ongoing coalition will help better define South Amboy’s economic and social future through limitless prospects for growth. 
  • We would need to conduct an initial assessment to determine what businesses our citizens want and need and assess minimal taxes to businesses while providing them with tax breaks for hiring local employees and/or making significant investments in the community. The less red tape business owners have to go around the more money and time they have to invest in their business.
  • We need to eliminate wasteful spending by taking a transparent look at where every dollar is appropriated, determining where we can save money, e.g. rooting out duplication of project allocation spending, mismanagement of funds and adhering to more disciplined discretionary spending. In addition, we must find creative ways to seek funding from the county, state and even federal government to help us fund projects such as updating transportation infrastructure.
  • My administration would be focused on proper redevelopment, remaining aware of the traffic and congestion that can result in such an undertaking and addressing the parking problem within the city. While we need to look at bringing in new businesses downtown and along the waterfront, we need to re-examine the issue of constructing additional expansive townhomes.
  • South Amboy has a rich and storied tradition. If elected mayor, I would position the city as a welcoming environment for education, the arts, and use our diverse heritage and cultural attractions to enrich the experience of both residents and visitors. 


We need to be innovative in our thinking and work together to find real solutions and not just point out real problems. 

  • South Amboy can greatly benefit from a supermarket right here in the city for its residents. We can make this happen by properly identifying the correct location that would be most cost-effective and most accessible for shoppers. 
  • Also, now is the time to make a New York City ferry system a reality and not have the idea drown as it has in the past. There are companies that we can have real conversations with to implement innovative solutions to help commuters. 
  • We can make the business start-up process simple. Instead of forcing entrepreneurs to jump from government office to government office filling out forms and asking questions, we can create a central space on the city's website that walks business owners through the process of getting started: which forms to fill out, who to contact, how long each step takes, etc.
  • Designate a Saturday (summer and fall are great times for this) to encourage patronage of local businesses- similar to the American Express "Small Business Day" program that marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season. This could include outdoor music, food stands, and other fun activities.
  • Finally, with solar power becoming increasingly important as a clean source of energy, we must identify ways where we can not only utilize solar power throughout the city but do so at a ZERO cost to the taxpayer. 


Community involvement is the fabric that makes up any municipality and service is at the core of any involvement program. In addition, every resident has a voice which counts and I want this election to be a true commentary on why many voices are stronger than one single voice. Our leaders need to engage in a transparent discourse with the voters who have entrusted them to govern their municipality. 

  • If elected mayor of South Amboy, all citizens will be able to take advantage of an open-door policy with not only me but with all members of my administration and the various department heads. We need to do a better job listening to and not talking to our constituents.
  • Fortunately, our city has a diverse community- therefore, we need to have an open dialogue with everyone from every background. We need to embrace these cultural differences and tap into the great opportunities available for learning about one another.
  • I would also address the out of control opioid/heroin drug problem that is reaching epidemic proportions. I am a former Middlesex County Sheriff’s Officer who knows full-well what the drug problem can lead to. Two years ago, I campaigned to become Middlesex County Sheriff and during that campaign, I gained an even better understanding of what drug abuse can do to not only its victims but to their family members, as well as the communities. Our law enforcement officers are fighting this scourge on the front lines each and every day and we need to support them. Several years ago, I released my own five-point strategy to combat these deadly drugs called The Pisar Plan, which received major local and county acclaim. I would be sure to work as a tireless advocate to help stop this drug problem in South Amboy by applying relevant components of my drug plan to the overall plan to help stem the tide of drug addiction, overdoses and deaths here within the city. 
  • My plan to address the drug crisis involves strategic and consistent engagement with medical professionals, pharmacists, law enforcement officials, educators, students, parents, legislators, community leaders, counselors and recovering addicts to better understand their needs in addressing the problem from their perspectives. These individuals need a seat at the drug-conquering table because they bring important and unique perspectives in helping strengthen education and drug awareness for not only students but for parents and teachers as well to help them better understand the warning signs.  
  • The creation of special task forces that would consist of South Amboy Police officers, members of nearby departments and officers from the Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office who would strategically work together to address the criminality associated with illegal drugs and attack the root of the problem, i.e., locate, arrest, gather intelligence and help convict serial drug dealers/suppliers, etc.
  • Community Policing is not just a flash in the pan expression. Our officers work tirelessly to protect the citizens of South Amboy and at the same time, many of the city's residents need to gain a better understanding of who these brave officers are and why they do exactly what they do. We must cultivate relationships within the community so that the police are seen as allies in promoting public safety. I would direct our police force to research community policing practices that have worked in other cities and customize them to fit our city's needs. 
  • Our City must be transparent, accountable to its constituents, and compliant with all state and federal laws. I would build an administration that people will trust and not be afraid to turn to with questions, concerns or disagreements. 
  • We need to provide after school programs and a facility for our young people to better help set them up for future success. Some of the programs my team would explore creating for our kids would include, homework assistance programs, STEM programs, intramural sports, anti-drug awareness education programs and arts and cultural programs.
  • In an era of instant communication, we can do so much better. My administration would design procedures to reach out to citizens quickly, using all available channels. 

Peter Speaks about Drug Crisis at Panel Discussion

Peter (right) talks to people at the Middlesex Cty. Republican Women's Club Blue Lives Matter event.

Retired Middlesex County Sheriff’s Officer Provided Insight and Strategies to Address the Opioid and Heroin Problem as Keynote Speaker During “Blue Lives Matter” Event

SOUTH AMBOY, NJ - Peter Pisar, the Republican Candidate for South Amboy Mayor and a retired Middlesex County Sheriff's Officer, gave the keynote address at the Middlesex County Republican Women's Club Blue Lives Matter panel discussion on September 11, 2018. The event, which was held at the East Brunswick Library, addressed the county’s rampant opioid and heroin problem, how law enforcement personnel are addressing the issue and what police, citizens, recovery experts, and elected officials can all do together to try to end the crisis.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 49,000 people died of opioid and heroin drug overdose deaths in 2017. In New Jersey, more than 1,900 people died of opioid and heroin drug overdoses in 2016.

Joined by Peter on the panel were Jose “Tony” Martinez, a retired law enforcement professional with 30 years federal and local level experience, Dave Sabo, a retired member of the New Brunswick Police Department, and Joseph Lakatos, a drug recovery specialist who has, himself, been in recovery for decades. All four individuals provided attendees with information about the drug problem from their own unique perspectives and led the discussion that addressed what anti-drug measures are working at the federal, state, county, and local levels— and which are not. The panel also talked about the many challenges law enforcement personnel face in their day-to-day efforts in responding to the drug problem. 

Peter also discussed The Pisar Plan, his own unique five-point strategy that he created several years ago which he developed in an effort to address the increasing opioid and heroin problem that has skyrocketed in Middlesex County over the past several years. 

Peter, who has since shared The Pisar Plan with local, county and state officials, provided examples during his remarks of how his ideas can provide law enforcement personnel and government stakeholders with tangible strategies that may help stop the out-of-control drug problem. Some of his points included: law enforcement components, drug recovery perspectives, education awareness, and inter-agency coordination.

(please download a copy of Peter’s Blue Lives Matter remarks immediately below)

About Peter

Peter “Pedro” Pisar grew up in South Plainfield and has served his nation and the people of Middlesex County for decades. 

He has handled a multitude of significant duties as a member of the Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office and helped guide various businesses to meaningful success through his hard work, common sense and innovative ideas. Peter is a proven leader and remains guided in part by the principles of honesty, strength, and compassion.

Like all members of law enforcement, Peter risked his own life each and every day to help apprehend violators of the law and protect the public. He played many important roles with the sheriff’s office, working on the Criminal Investigation Unit, Statewide Offender Apprehension Task Force, and Criminal Identification Unit. As a member of the United States Armed Forces, Peter proudly served our country as a member of the U.S. Army’s 260th Military Police Division /Ammo Division. He is fluent in Spanish, Ukrainian and Polish. 

In 2016, Peter literally “walked the walk and talked the talk,” as he canvassed Middlesex County during his campaign to become county sheriff, promoting The Pisar Plan, his own unique proposal to combat the county’s growing heroin and opioid drug epidemic. He shared important ideas about addiction treatment, underscored the important role of law enforcement and developed ways to create support for those caught in the seemingly endless cycle of addiction. Peter began his drug crusade two years earlier when members of the public approached him for a solution. He earned high marks from the county’s diverse population, fellow candidates, elected officials, and even the news media, which has since provided extensive coverage on Peter’s mission. 

Through his extensive business knowledge and effective management strategies, Peter accomplished a great deal for companies within the United States, as well as abroad. Right here in Middlesex County, he directed several businesses in the municipalities of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Borough and Edison. Peter also demonstrated a strong understanding of financial management, supervising budgets in excess of one-billion dollars while developing cost-saving hiring practices.

Now is the time for the residents of South Amboy to demand innovative ideas that will move the city forward… the time for residents to get behind someone who has strong integrity… the time to elect a leader who will put South Amboy and its citizens first. 

Peter is the person who is up to this critical task.




  • A leader with more than 35 years of experience in areas related to law enforcement, security, management, business and interpersonal communications.
  • A proven professional who has implemented safety and security initiatives to improve the workplace. 
  • Highly proficient in budgeting, creating cost-savings programs and developing best-practices in the workplace.
  • A strong understanding of government at different levels, political campaigning, and policies.
  • Accomplished administrator with extensive knowledge of training protocols, motivating and mentoring.
  • Problem solver during crisis situations with the ability to meet/exceed goals under tight deadlines.
  • Fluent in multiple languages, including Spanish, Polish and Ukrainian.


Candidate for Middlesex County Sheriff  March 2016 - November 2016

  • Received more than 105,000 votes during the November General Election in a highly competitive race. 
  • Earned tremendous recognition from voters, fellow candidates, and news media for developing The Pisar Plan –  a five-point program aimed at addressing the county’s epidemic heroin and prescription drug problem.
  • Developed integrated task-force strategies and ideas to better help coordinate law enforcement agencies at the local, state and federal levels. 

Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office 1992 - 2002

Sheriff’s Officer      

  • As a valued member of the department, worked to apprehend violators of the law and helped ensure public safety.
  • Served in the Criminal Investigation Unit, Statewide Offender Apprehension Task Force, and Criminal Identification Unit for the department.
  • Performed many additional duties related to county law enforcement, including serving and executing important legal documents, warrants, summonses, and writs.
  • Helped maintain and ensure safety at the Middlesex County Courthouse and transportation of inmates. 
  • Maintained and monitored activities in the surveillance room, evidence lockup, holding cells and courtrooms.

Sleep Doctor, Perth Amboy, NJ August 1991 – 1992

Operations Manager

  • Responsible for operations, inventory control (more than $4 million), staffing and overseeing customer service.
  • Produced a substantial cost-savings ($18,000) within the first three months through reduction of inventory loss while improving delivery service.
  • Led safety and security efforts to protect the facility as well as employees.
  • Trained and supervised warehouse personnel, also hired contractors and coordinated their work.
  • Organized regular communications/protocols with store managers to improve operations.

Neptune Aircraft Services, Newark, N November 1990 – August 1991

Assistant Manager

  • Responsible for all aspects of aircraft and vehicle maintenance and appearance
  • Hired, trained, supervised and evaluated more than 30 employees, who worked various shifts 24-hours per day.
  • Managed safety and security efforts through the entire facility.
  • Conducted routine and A & 8 maintenance on all co-owned vehicles (between 6 -18 cylinders).
  • Developed and implemented safety and first-aid training protocols.
  • Oversaw budgeting and employee contract negotiations for the parts and sales divisions.

Siegel Tire, Inc., Edison, NJ September 1989 – October 1990

Warehouse Manager/Assistant to the Vice-President

  • Had complete responsibility of warehouse operations, including receipt, storage, and shipment of inventory, fleet and material handling equipment maintenance (including A & 8 maintenance on 58 trailers- Mercedes diesel and Ford vans), and supervised staff.
  • Responsible for maintaining security throughout the warehouse and initiated safety programs and procedures.
  • Established training programs, maintained personnel records, and initiated a warehouse safety program.
  • Directed physical inventories and cycle counts.
  • Ensured regulatory affairs compliance, scheduled common carrier loads, and purchased warehouse supplies and services.

Red Star Express Lines/TNT, Newark, NJ March 1985 – September 1989

Manager of Scheduling

  • Coordinated all shipments, both inbound and outbound, using Transtech 11902X, 11 03X.
  • Managed all aspects of security within a transportation environment.
  • Also worked with IBM PC using COPICS.
  • Supervised 42 hourly non-union employees, scheduled warehousing, and shipping of all packages, including hazardous materials and overseas container shipments.

Knickerbocker Toy Company, Middlesex, NJ October 1979 – May 1983

Warehouse Manager

  • Responsible for dispatching, import/export shipments, rental and maintenance of materials handling equipment, leasing storage space, production scheduling, quality/inventory control, and purchasing supplies.
  • Director of a facility in Haiti where security and safety measures were implemented.
  • Managed security at the Middlesex facility, with the responsibility of maintaining transportation and inventory. 
  • Coordinated fleet (A & 8) maintenance for 88 vehicles.
  • Trained and supervised 40 unionized personnel and six shift supervisors.
  • Traveled to Haiti to establish the facility’s entire production, warehousing, and fleet maintenance operation (492,000 square-foot warehouse with nearly 700 employees).


Attended Middlesex County College (Business Administration)     1979

United States Army, Military Police 260th Division / Ammo Depot    1969 – 1971  


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